Our vision

To contribute to the building of a rights based participative society, which provides equality of access and opportunity to all its citizens.

Organisational context – Who we are & what we do!

  • Willowbank is a rights based community voluntary organisation constituted as a Company Ltd by Guarantee with charitable recognition. Managed by a Board of Directors 60% of whom are persons with disabilities, which is what defines us as a user controlled organisation.
  • Run as a social enterprise, services are designed and implemented in partnership with the identified needs, aspirations and expectations of the people who use our services. All generated profits are re-invested in service developments.
  • We are committed to ensuring that the voices of people with disabilities are heard this work is carried out through the LARG, Lobbying Activism & Research Group
  • We are committed to supporting people with disabilities to maximise individual and group potential and to ensuring that people with disabilities exercise their right to equal citizenship
  • “We have identified through our work that social exclusion and marginalisation from the wider community is an issue for persons with disabilities, as is the assumption that we are defined by our disability. This negates our right to be the diverse, multi-faceted people that we are”.

Community Integration

  • People are actively encouraged, trained and supported to fully engage in all aspects of society.
  • In local democracy as advocates and voters
  • In sport and recreational activities as equals
  • Strategically as representatives on local and regional interest groups.
  • Operationally as Directors on Management Boards
  • As trainers and advisors, on a raft of disability and community issues.
  • As influencers of policy and practice with other key stakeholder organisations


Willowbank is committed to encouraging socially responsible volunteering and offers volunteer opportunities at all levels of the organisation. Persons interested in volunteering with us should contact patricia@willowbankcommunity.org for further information.