Be Safe Stay Safe

This course is delivered by Leonard Cheshire and focuses on keeping people safe at home and out and about. There were two sessions delivered in October 2012 and June 2013.
The courses focused on the every day things we can all do to keep ourselves safe. Some of the key messages were :

Message in a bottle – keep an up to date record of your medication and store in the handy plastic bottle in your fridge. By displaying the

Emergency Lions stickers on the fridge and inside the front door emergency services will have access to your up to date medication if they ever need it.

ID Check – by displaying the quick check sticker bogus callers will think twice about approaching your house. If you’re not expecting anyone check the back door is locked before you open the front door. Always put the chain on before opening the door and ask for ID so you can check if the caller is who they say they are.

Fire Safety – check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms every Monday. Ensure all doors are closed at night or when out of the house to slow the spread of fire if it does happen. Ensure candles are out and plugs removed at night. Never overload a plug or be tempted to put the washing machine on overnight. You can request a fire safety check from the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service and be sure to have a fire escape plan.

ICE – this is short for “In Case Of Emergency” and if you enter a contact into your mobile phone called ICE with the phone number of your emergency contact emergency personnel (Fire, Police, Ambulance) can make contact with your next of kin.

Identity Pen – This is a permanent UV marker pen which you can use to mark your belongings including your post code and house number. If any of your items are stolen the police can use a UV light to identify you as the owner and return them to you.

Online Safety – protecting our identity and security when online is a huge issue for many people. Go to to find out more about keeping yourself safe online.

Hate Crime – If you feel you are targeted and a crime is committed against you just because you’re disabled this is now against the law. Report it to the police, a friend, or a support organisation so it doesn’t happen to anyone else or get worse.

See below participants on the training day.